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Which department are you currently working at? Public Relations


1. After six months of your journey being a collaborator of ISB Event Team, what have you gained? (Skills, lessons learned, potentials, opportunities, suitability) I can use PTS and AI more fluently than before although I still have to learn more a lot. And I feel that my mind has changed a bit, second family is real and I'm so lucky to be a part of ET family, kiểu mấy anh chị lúc nào cũng support tụi em và chia sẻ những điều tốt nhất cho tụi em luôn í ạ.
2. What values do you expect to contribute to the HR department? I hope I can make each member in ET be seen, it doesn't mean that we only see their existence, but also the value they have and the trouble they're in. Sometimes we are too busy to really care about or listen to others, but we can do small things to make our friends feel they are seen and appreciated, not being lost or left behind.
3. Are you planning to apply for other positions? Or do you have personal orientation at another organization beside ISB Event Team so far? I don't have any plans for other positions now.


1. Which would be the most suitable word to describe yourself? I'm not really sure about this question because I think nothing on me is 100% certain. I'm a kind of emotional and highly sensitive person, I'm easily affected by my own feelings and thoughts, and I usually observe and notice other feelings all the time.
2. If you are having a hard time, how do you deal with it? I always spend time alone rethink everything and heal myself. I watch movies, sleep or listen to podcasts so as not to be overthinking, then everything is lighter. But sometimes, these ways are useless, then I just ignore them, like time will help me overcome.


1. Which skills of yours would you consider to be qualified as a HR member? - Notice to small things
- Usually observe
- Prefer listening to talking
- Sensitive so I will pay attention to what other people feel
2. Among your listed skills, which one is the most that you are confident in?I'm confident in being an Observer the most because I think observation is an important skill to recognize the problems in an organization and identify whether they're correct or not to find the solution.


1. In your opinion, what is the scope of work in the HR department? - Check attendance
- Create questions in the recruitment form and feedback form
- Create bonding days/activities or parties
- Plan to make someone surprised in their birthday
- Plan the meeting weekly
- Read, feel & reply to the message of each member in feedback form after events
- Observe and take care of each one in ET, make everyone be seen and understood
- Recognize the common problems in ET
2. Define the “ET Spirit” of your generation by your own words.Em nghĩ là được support và bảo bọc ạ, em không biết giải thích sao nhưng mà em cảm thấy từ lúc mới vào ET cho đến bây giờ lúc nào cũng tất cả các anh chị giúp đỡ và bảo vệ hết sức luôn ạ, cũng chính vì điều này đã giúp đỡ em không bị bỏ cuộc giữa chừng trong lúc em làm task, em đã được động viên và khích lệ tinh thần rất nhiều luôn ạ.
3. You came across a situation where two members are having a conflict and showing negative attitudes. Consider this as any kind of conflict (in-work or out-of-work), how can you solve it as a HR member?I think I will ask them what is the problem and let them write about something for example why they're angry with their friend, do your friend deserves it, have any ways to solve it,... Hmm, I think writing can help them calm down and rethink their behavior more than talking. After that, we will think solution together.
4. What are the underlying reasons for “low commitment among members” that you recognize or come up with? As a HR member, what can you do to handle this problem?- The underlying reason for “low commitment among members” is not seeing that job/thing/person too important to commit. It like they think those things are not too serious to make commitment. I think it relates to high ego, like you think yourself are more important than others a bit, but that's not absolutely bad, maybe that person gets used to working alone for a long time so they tend to prioritize themselves first.
And another reason I think is that person is confused and have some fear, like they question themselves a lot in their mind like "do they really need me there?", "my existence important?" or something like that.
- To handle this problem just lower their ego and sympathize with them first, I will tell them that in an organization we are equally important so we have to respect others' time and effort. I don't know how to explain but that person has to be clarified about respecting other people and seeing them as important as ourselves.
Similarly, we also need to help our partner see their value.
Last but not least, we also need to keep discipline, make high commitments become a habit so nothing can break it.
5. Are there other problems among your generation that you have noticed recently? Feel free to share about them. We ensure that what you share in this application form remains secrets.- Too weak to help others
- Always be lost
- Easy to stick to unhealthy entertainment
- Overthinking
- Not actually know who we are or what we want to do
- Less effort when doing something
- Quite careless and emotionless to people around

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