Application for: 4941

1st Department: Content & Logistics (CL)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationMotorbike
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms
Hobbies- Learn foreign languages
- Watch films
- Keep up with Tiktok trends
- Read news
- Listen to music



a. Design & Edit Canva (basic)
Adobe Premiere Pro (basic)
b. Photography N/A
c. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint
d. Technical skills Content writing, translation(Vietnamese - English)
e. Special abilities MC, Singing, Playing Ukulele
f. Soft skills- Creativity: I often come up with creative ideas when writing content and creating public speeches. I know what words and actions to use to make my work creative and impressive. In general, creative elements are always important in all of my works. 

- Problem-solving: I have enough experience to solve problems as logically and suitably as possible. In case the issues need to be tackled urgently, I am able to come up with the most suitable solution promptly after deliberation and consideration.

- Communication: I know what to say to others, not only to meet my demands but also theirs. Being an ambivert, I’m both open to having a conversation and listening to others. I’m highly empathetic, so I usually listen carefully to understand other people’s situations, evaluate, and then give the most suitable answers. That’s why people around me often come to me for advice and to have someone listen to their stories. I respect people for who they are, and I always try to make the conversation as comfortable as possible.

- Team-work: I always fit myself into the team to harmonize with the team members. I make sure to communicate with all of the team members, even if there is someone who leaves me with some bad impressions about them. This has greatly aided me in producing positive teamwork outcomes.

- Leadership: I have brought most of my past teams to success, whether in study or extracurricular activities. I listen to the members' opinions and offer my own in order to work together to achieve our goals. I am both a strict and easy-going leader at the same time.

- Public speaking: I know how to exude confidence in front of a crowd. Therefore, my speech is usually clear and attractive. I regularly receive positive feedback from classmates and professors about my public speaking skills.

- Adaptability: I can effortlessly adapt to a new environment with new things and people. I am always ready to keep up with changes.

- Willingness to learn: I am willing to listen to and consider other peoples' feedback to improve myself. There are many skills and knowledge that I have not yet to acquired, so I am always excited to learn them.
g. Other skillsN/A


a. How do you describe yourself?I am a SANE person:
+ I am S-entimental. Therefore, I'm empathetic, and I'm a good listener.
+ I am A-mbitious. I am always striving for success.
+ I am N-ostalgic. I regularly enjoy recalling stories that were either happy and sad to appreciate who I was, feel grateful for everyone and everything that have brought me to I am today and learn from my past mistakes.
+ I am E-nergetic. Waking up everyday, I am fully-charged with such a positive energy that helps me run as a fighter who conquers new challenges and as a rich man who enjoys his abundance of fun experience.
+ And I am a SANE person. I always make my messages sensible and reasonable.
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?- STRENGTHS:
+ I am confident with myself. Therefore, I am not afraid to show other people who I am and my abilities.
+ I am self-motivated. I rarely give up on any given tasks no matter how hard they are.
+ I can manage time effectively. I usually plan for completing given tasks weeks before the deadlines, so I rarely finish them at the last minute.
+ Due to being sentimental, I usually struggle with controlling my emotions.
+ I am often scatterbrained.
+ I always follow the rules given by others, so I usually see myself being too safe. I need to break the rules sometimes and do something different.
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?- 2022 Davis Cup by Rakuten - Group III Asia/Oceania:
+ October 2022
+ I worked as a volunteer who interpreted for a foreign team. I also helped them with their daily commute and tennis court booking for practice. I was the connector between the organization board and the team.
+ This was my very first time working for such an international event held by a prestigious organization. I had my soft skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, time management and communication improved a lot through this huge opportunity. As an 18-year-old boy, it was mind-blowing for me to learn about what a professional environment looks like in real life and the importance of responsibility in the workplace.

- PIEC (Pioneering English Club)
+ 2020 - 2022
+ I was the first vice president of the club.
+ Being a leader of the club transformed me a lot in terms of my mindset about leadership. Back to before I was assigned this role, I was a super strict and rigid leader who always imposed what I believed was right on others, although I was able to help the team accomplish great achievements. Not until a few years later had I realized that I had made a big mistake, which had weakened the bond between me and the previous team members. With regarding to being given the vice president role of PIEC, I was given a wonderful opportunity to change myself to become an open-minded leader and listener.

- MAD Volunteer Project - Teach for Free
+ 2020 - 2021
+ I was a member of the project's Media Team. I helped create social media content and translate Vietnamese contents to their English versions.
+ This is the first club that I joined, so this experience gave me a grip of what a project or a club looks like and what I have to do in the team and how I cooperate with them.

This is the link to my certificates of these activities:


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB Event Team was founded in 2016 and grew up with 7 generations up to now. According to my observation and understanding, ISB Event Team is not only a place for its members to work and improve themselves but it's also a home, a family for them. I can feel the warmth, the friendliness and the close bond between the members when they talk and work with each other.
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?I would like to answer this question in Vietnamese to better deliver my ideas.

Đối với em, ISB Event Team là một tập thể mang nguồn năng lượng rất tích cực. Em có thể thấy được sự gắn kết và thân thiết từ các anh chị thành viên. Mặc dù ET là một tập thể lớn nhưng em vẫn có thể nhận ra rất rõ màu sắc cá nhân rất riêng từ các anh chị. Bên cạnh đó, anh chị rất nhiệt huyết và chuyên nghiệp trong công việc. Các anh chị còn có thành tích học tập rất đáng nể nữa. Đó là những điều mà em vô cùng hâm mộ và muốn học hỏi từ anh chị. Vì lẽ đó mà em mong muốn được trở thành một ngôi sao với một ánh sáng mới, một mảnh ghép mới để góp một phần màu sắc của mình vào sự những bước chân của ISB Event Team.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?- Determine the purposes and goals
- Create the event's budget
- Determine some basic information such as date of the event, participators, location, content
- Assign work for each department and member
- Create a timeline including the deadlines of each department's work
- Confirm sponsors
- Double-check the plan
- Establish alternative plans (plan B,C,...)
- Hold the event
=> For me, double checking the plan is the most important step. This is because double checking helps us realize the mistakes, shortcomings and issues after the whole preparing time to fix or come up with other ideas or solutions promptly.
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? I am not joining any club or organization at the moment.
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?42


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Content & Logistics (CL)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. How do you define CL department?CL department is the core of every event organized by ISB Event Team. The department deals with planning, managing and organizing events. For me, members of CL department are particularly flexible, versatile and dynamic.
2. In your opinion, what are the qualities and factors needed to be able to work in the CL department?In my opinion, CL department needs people who are energetic, responsible, creative, and good at problem solving as well as teamwork. Having a good managing and organizing skill is a big advantage when working in CL department. In addition, being hard-working and active is important not only for CL department but also for other departments.
3. What role do you think CL department has in each event?I think that in each event, CL department members take their roles as:
- Content writers who write social media contents
- Content creators who create the event's content
- Event planners who decide the time and location of the event as well as build a timeline for the activities
- Performers who deliver repertoires
- Accountants who take care of the event budget
- Technic managers who take care of the technic and logistic work.


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions


Do you have any experience with content writing?Yes
Please include a link to the post or blog below.
In your opinion, what kind of content is impressive to readers?As a reader, I believe that a content impresses me when I can feel the content writer's emotions through their words. For me, a successful content is one that can completely deliver not only the purpose of the creator but also their internal messages.
To attract the most readers, write a short paragraph introducing the meaning of the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment: GALVANIZER.“Lửa trong tôi bừng bừng khí thế
Lửa đam mê đốt nóng vùng trời
Tôi và bạn, ta truyền nhau lửa,
Thắp sáng lên niềm tin tương lai.”
"GALVANIZER" - Những người truyền lửa sẽ là các mảnh ghép mới trong ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment. Đó là những con người phá bỏ mọi rào cản để thắp lên ngọn đèn hi vọng bằng chính ngọc lửa nhiệt huyết trong mình.


Assume you are planning and organizing the activities for an event called "GALVANIZER” with a mystical and supernatural theme. Based on the factors listed above, complete the task below.A. ACTIVATION BOOTH C. GAMES FOR TEAMBUILDING


Assume you need to construct a BOOTH to promote the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment event; from the design to the activities, you must be creative in order to attract the most students. The total cost you will be granted for this activity is 600.000VND.

  1. About the booth design:

  • The colors of the booth background are those radiant colors from the concept of ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment event. 

  • There would be a big printed star in the middle of the booth bottom with other smaller ones to create a galaxy. This big star is another existence in the universe which has a new, fresh and unique light.

  • There would also be a standee banner of the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment event.

  • This is the link to more details:

  1. About the activity:

  • ISB students would be requested to do a tongue-twister challenge:

- As Galvanizer means a leader who excites and stimulates others to action, a player has to invite 2 of their friends to join with them.

- They would be given one English tongue-twister and one Vietnamese tongue-twister. The team can have some time to practice before saying the tongue-twisters out loud to the booth staff simultaneously and in chorus.

- After checking their performance, the booth staff asks them to together take a photo next to the banner and the booth, then post it on one of their social media accounts with hashtags #ISBEventTeam #Gen8Recruitment #Galvanizer in order to receive rewards.

- The rewards are 3 highlighters for each team (20 teams).


  1. The materials:

  • The big star would be printed on A3 paper = 10 000 VND, the small stars would be printed on A4 paper = 5 000 VND ( According to )

  • The color background of the booth would be printed vertically on 5 pieces of A0 paper = 60 000 VND(According to )

  • Printing standee banner (size 0,8 x 1,8m) = 108 000 VND (According to )

  • Standee X frame (size 0,8 x 1,8m) = 185 000 VND (According to )

  • Highlighters = 200 000 VND (According toút-đánh-dấu-highlight-dạ-quang-sét-6-bút-nhớ-dòng-6-màu-lựa-ch%E1%BB%8Dn-hình-dễ-thương-i.75800584.10696126353?sp_atk=1e4ac2a9-ddef-4a0e-8412-ee5cbb7d4bdd&xptdk=1e4ac2a9-ddef-4a0e-8412-ee5cbb7d4bdd , choose set 1, includes 6 highlighters)

  • Total = 568 000 VND


It is your task to generate ideas for Teambuilding games held outdoors. The activities include THREE games, 7 teams of 14 participants each, and a two-hour activity. These activities have a budget of 500,000VND.



GAME 1: Seek the Light (1 hour)

- 7 teams are given 7 different incomplete maps leading to treasure boxes which are marked with their team numbers.

- There are 2 “Demons” and 4 “Angels” waiting for the teams on their ways to the treasure box. The first Angel’s location is already marked on the map:

  • The Demons and Angels could not be distinguished by any sign

  • Each Demon will give the team a challenge. They have to overcome the challenge, otherwise their adventure will be delayed for 5 minutes.

  • Each Angel will also give the team a challenge. However, they will be given a hint to the location of the next Angel when they successfully pass the challenge.

  • The last Angel will give the team a hint to the location of the treasure box.

  • Each challenge should be done in 5 minutes.

  • Whichever treasure box of any team opened first will make that team win the first game with 70 points. The second-place team gains 60 points, the third one gains 50 points and the same rule goes on to the last team who will receive 10 points.

  • In case some teams can not reach the treasure box within 50 minutes, they will be given the Ultimate Hint from the “Archangel” to find the treasure box in the last 10 minutes.

  • Beside receiving points, the teams in Top 3 will be blessed with the “Light of Passion” which will give them more advantages when playing the second game.

  • In case the teams are still unable to reach the treasure boxes even with the Ultimate Hint, their ranks will be determined by the number of Angels they have passed. Every Angel will have a watch called Time Freezer, it will only be revealed when two or more teams have passed the same number of Angels. Time Freezer will freeze the time that the teams reach the Angel.

  • There will be a Gatekeeper at each treasure box location, who will also possess a Time Freezer to record the time the team reach the treasure box in order to determine their ranks.

  • Penalty: In case a team accidentally finds the other teams’ treasure boxes, they must keep secret, otherwise, they will be eliminated immediately and receive 0 point when the game ends.


Break time: 10 minutes


GAME 2: Keep “It” Shine (28 minutes)

- 13 members of each time create a “Light Circle” around the other member, each member of the circle is called a “Star”. They give their backs to the person standing in the center of the circle, who is called “the Heart”

- The team will move 13 steps forward.

- While moving the team will do a connecting word challenge in Vietnamese:

  • The Light (the person in the center of the circle) will start the game with a word. The team will choose one person from the circle to connect the Light’s word. The turn goes around the circle clockwise, and stops when the last person of the circle successfully connects the final word given by the member on their left. Then the team moves forward by one step.

  • If the turn stops at someone who is not the last member of the circle, a Star falls which means that person must leave the circle immediately and the team steps forward by one step.

  • Each Star has 10s to think and give the answer.

  • When the team finishes their 13th step, the game ends.

  • Each team’s points will be determined by the number of Stars left in the Circle. Each Star gives the team 10 points. The Light does not count.

  • Penalty: In case one or more members whisper or tell others the answer, the turn is stopped and one Star must leave immediately (The team will still move forward without doing the turn again).

  • The “Light of Passion” given to Top 3 winning teams in the first game gives them the privilege of not losing any Star no matter what happens in the FIRST turn.

  • Top 3 teams with the most remaining Stars receive “Light of Passion” for the third game.


GAME 3: Spread the Heat (22 minutes)

- Each team will be given a Tiktok dance and 13 members have to practice before showing the supervisors their performances:

  • Each team’s performance has to be of uniformity, otherwise, they would be required to record again and minus 10 points each time. Therefore, each team has to make sure that they are ready before performing for the supervisor.

  • The supervisors record videos of the teams’ performances for checking.

  • The first team to finish receives 70 points, the second one gains 60 point, the third one gains 50, and the rule continues with lower ranked teams, the last team receives 10 points.

  • The “Light of Passion” in the second game allows 3 teams to not have their points reduced for their two first times performing.


When the third game ends, the team with the biggest number of points WIN.