Application for: 4949

1st Department: Content & Logistics (CL)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationMotorbike
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms
HobbiesBinge watching series, films on Netflix (or not on Netflix), listen to music, go to parties with friends, go to music festivals



a. Design & Edit I can do simple designing on Canva, Powerpoint but in general, I'm not really confident with my designing skill.
b. Photography I can take quite good-quality photos with both smartphones and digital cameras. I've once taken a photography class in high school. However, I'm not really used to taking videos, I'm only confident in taking pictures.
c. Microsoft Office I have quite a lot of experiences with Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. My skills for this are adequate for school, work or events.
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities I have some experience in acting and being an MC. I used to act in many plays back in high school and I'm quite confident with my acting skill. I would say I'm quite good with public speaking, I used to be an MC in some small events back in high school, but I've never been an MC for a big ceremony. However, I really want to try some day.
f. Soft skillsI have good teamwork skill. I'm always collaborative, respectful and try to listen to everyone's ideas. Working in group, I tend to be the mediator or harmonizer so I don't usually initiate a conflict or fight. Additionally, I'm a highly responsible person, I'm certain I will always complete my assigned parts and support other teammates if needed.
Secondly, I'm confident in my public speaking since I've given public speech quite a lot of times in the past so I know what to do when standing in front of many people.
In addition, I'm able to work under pressure and tight deadlines. I can manage time good enough to always present the best effort on time and effectively.
g. Other skillsN/A


a. How do you describe yourself?First of all, I would say I'm an "all-out" person. That means, whenever I do something, let it be playing, clubbing, studying or working, I will always be passionate, enthusiastic and give my 100% energy into it. Despite that, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm spoiled or disorganized, I'm actually very serious about the things that I've put my heart into and I usually manage the time logically so that I can complete tasks on time. I have set out my own rules when playing or working too. Whenever, I feel like my rules are being violated, instead of causing a fight or being hot-headed to protect my viewpoints, I would just keep silence, rethink about everything from the start to identify the problems. If it's me who is in the wrong, then I would correct myself but if not, I would try to explain as softly as possible to my partner(s), or even ask for help from other close friends of mine.
I also love helping people, especially so when they ask me to help them. I would feel like myself is being useful and that I can even become closer to those friends.
Although I enjoy the fun and want to part-take in many events but sometimes I could get really introverted. I can say I'm a friendly, easy-to-talk-to kind of person but to me, it's still difficult to be energetic and talk to people all the time, especially strangers. In some conversations, friends would find me being mostly silent. I prefer listening more than talking, actually. But I do laugh a lot, so maybe I do not talk much but I'll react by laughing.
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?Strengths: People tend to grow on me easily, good sense of humor, quick-learner, willing to learn more, fun to be with, responsible, always manage to get work done on time and give satisfactory outcomes.
Weaknesses: leadership, still shy sometimes, not having a lot of social skills or special talents, rarely volunteer in an activity (I would prefer to be the second or third one to try doing something),
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?Hoa Phuong Do (PTNK Highschool) - Jun 2020 - Jul 2020 (2 months) - Event Assistant - I worked as an event organizer for the Hoa Phượng Đỏ summer activity. ("Vui học Tiếng Anh" team). I was responsible for the set up of the English lessons for the kids, some materials, tools needed before class or games.
Club Day (PTNK Highschool)- Sep 2021 - Oct 2021 (2 months) - Event Assistant - Helping with the probs for the events, such as setting up booths, tools for minigames
The Worigin - Jun 2021 - Present (1 year 6 months +) - Content Creator and PR Support Assistant - I was (currently am) a content creator/ translator and member of "Hỗ trợ Truyền Thông" (public relation) team and Human Resources team assistant of the page "The Worigin".
WSU & GP newbie's night Luminous - Nov 30 2022 - Dec 27 2022 - Event organizer - Backstage staff - I worked as an assistant for the events and responsible for the tools and performances management from the backstage.
Career Branding: Musketeer - LinkedIn contest (WSU & GP) - Jan 6 2023 - present - Event Promoter, Content Planner - I'm in charge of planning out the minigames, booths, scripts for the event and also promote the contest to other students.


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?Founded in 2016, ET is responsible for holding many interesting events for the UEH students of all departments. With a history of 7 years since its birth, ET is not just student club, it's a family, a team of people who have the same passion and spirit, who want to make university a friendly, exciting and desirable-than-ever environment for the students. I think ET team is a place where the members could never feel left out or bored.
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?Ever since secondary or high school, I've always fascinated by the concept of being a part of an event organizing team. It always give me a proud and fulfilling feeling of a sense of achievement whenever an event is successfully proceeded while knowing that I'm also a part behind it, no matter how big of a role I play. Moreover, I also want to help make college a fun environment for the students my age, to help make them feel welcomed, included so they would be more open, confident to show their colorfulness . Plus, I feel like ET would be a safe family for students like me.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?- Team bonding, estimate the budget, propose plans ideas, investigate the "market" (targeted audience, place suitable to hold events, people's nowadays interests, popular games, trends, artists,...), get plans approved, find more staff and contact related departments such as the sponsors, artists, suppliers,... to bring the plan into real life, conduct practice performances for the event, draft run the event, rehearse the event and officially hold the event.
- To me, the most essential and must-have step is the team bonding. An event cannot be held with thanks to just one individual, it's a collection of effort from many many people. Teamwork can only works well if the team want to work together. With the team bonding activity being conducted carefully, meticulously, the teammates can get along, can get a chance to understand one another and so if any problem arises, teammates can quickly find a way to solve. Harmonization in operating events is one of the keys that lead to the success of the events.
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? I'm not in any clubs or organizations at the moment.
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?21


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Content & Logistics (CL)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. How do you define CL department?CL department is the very initiator, the brain of an event. CL team is like the backbone of an event, and without a "back", there will be no "face" to show to the people.
2. In your opinion, what are the qualities and factors needed to be able to work in the CL department?First of all, I think it would take one to be cooperative and respectful to be in this department. Since the team consists of the largest number of members compared to other teams, it's important than ever for the teammates to be willing to harmonize and work with others. Just like mentioned above, since CL team is like the backbone, every vertebrae needs to link tightly and logically. Secondly, I would say we also need to be highly responsible. No matter how talented one can be, if you do not work as you say you would, then no one can trust you anymore. Finally, I think a teammate also need to know when to be humorous and when to be serious. In order to maintain a friendly working atmosphere, we needs to chill and make jokes too, but laughing all the time is no longer humor, so we also need to know when to turn on the serious, work-focused mode.
3. What role do you think CL department has in each event?Behind every event, stands the CL department, since this is the team which is responsible for "sketching out" their ideas, visualize, verbalize their creativity and also interpret them to others so the event can then be created and brought into real life. Their roles do not only stop at that, after the event has already been birthed, they still have to keep on developing the scripts, the detailed steps of what is going to take place at that specific period of time to make sure everything is put into place.


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions


Do you have any experience with content writing?Yes
Please include a link to the post or blog below.
In your opinion, what kind of content is impressive to readers?I think contents that give readers knowledge about something that they have never known before, like the origin of the most familiar things that they see/ use almost everyday but only after reading our posts are they informed of the origin. The impressiveness also lies within the way some up-to-date trending details be integrated in the contents gracefully and appropriately. Format wise, contents which are written logically, using easy to understand words and phrases that help readers quickly see the purpose of the posts or simplify the complicated issues, would make readers interested in what we have to say.
To attract the most readers, write a short paragraph introducing the meaning of the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment: GALVANIZER.[Ý NGHĨA THẬT SỰ ĐẰNG SAU GEN 8 RECRUITMENT: GALVANIZER CỦA ET TEAM?]Với sự kiện tìm kiếm thành viên mới cho gen 8 lần này, ET team không chỉ tìm kiếm những gương mặt tài năng hay phù hợp nhất cho các vị trí có trong team, mà ET thật ra còn đang tìm kiếm những người "bạn" đồng hành trên con đường khám phá sự nhiệt huyết cháy bỏng trong mỗi chính bản thân chúng ta, những người "bạn" dù có bất cứ khó khăn gì, vẫn có thể kiên cường ở lại cùng đại gia đình ET, để chinh phục những miền đất mới và những đỉnh cao của những nguồn cảm hứng vô tận.


Assume you are planning and organizing the activities for an event called "GALVANIZER” with a mystical and supernatural theme. Based on the factors listed above, complete the task below.A. ACTIVATION BOOTH B. CAMP ENTRANCE DESIGN C. GAMES FOR TEAMBUILDING


Assume you need to construct a BOOTH to promote the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment event; from the design to the activities, you must be creative in order to attract the most students. The total cost you will be granted for this activity is 600.000VND.

Decoration và dụng cụ cần thiết:

+ Mô hình một ngọn hải đăng, cao khoảng 1m, làm từ giấy khổ A0. (150k)

+ Banner khung dọc in poster của event (150k)

+ 1-2 chiếc bàn và 2-4 chiếc ghế cho gian hàng

+ Các mô hình chữ cái đặt trên bàn tạo thành chữ "GALVANIZER"/ "ET" (100k)

+ Các bờm đeo đầu có gắn chữ "Galvanizer"/ "EThoặc các hình thù như đám mây, sấm chớp, mặt trăng để người ghé đến gian hàng có thể đeo và chụp check in. (100k)

Minigame tại booth: 

Buzz wire game.  (70k)



Your task is to create a WELCOME GATE for an outdoor teambuilding program for 500 people, and the design must adhere to the theme in order to look creative and eye-catching. The cost for this camp gate is 1.000.000VND.



It is your task to generate ideas for Teambuilding games held outdoors. The activities include THREE games, 7 teams of 14 participants each, and a two-hour activity. These activities have a budget of 500,000VND.

  1. Salt and Pepper:

Dụng cụ: giấy để ghi tên 

  • Số người chơi: everyone. Chia thành 2 đợt chơi. Mỗi đợt cần từ 3-4 teams tham gia. Mỗi đợt kéo dài 30 phút. 

  • Mỗi bạn sẽ được đeo một cái bảng tên trên đầu. Sẽ luôn có 2 bảng tên giống nhau. Người chơi sẽ không được biết mình nhận được bảng gì. Người chơi phải đi hỏi các người chơi khác để đoán ra mình đang đeo bảng gì. (lưu ý: hỏi những câu yes/no hoặc miêu tả nhưng ko được nói ra từ có trên bảng tên) Sau khi đoán ra được mình đeo bảng gì thì đi tìm người nào có bảng tên y hệt mình. Cặp nào tìm thấy nhau sớm nhất là cặp thắng cuộc.

  • Trò chơi diễn ra trong vòng 30 phút. Sau khi thời gian kết thúc, những người chơi nào chưa tìm thấy cặp sẽ phải chịu hình phạt. Hình phạt: nhảy, hát một bài theo phong cách "phá bài". 

  • Số tiền dự kiến: 100k  

2. The spelling game: 

Dụng cụ: các ly nhựa đựng nước (40k), bộ 26 chữ cái có nam châm dính bảng (3 bộ- 60k), những cái bảng (250k)

  • Số người chơi: everyone. Mỗi lượt chơi sẽ cần 1 cặp từ mỗi team. Chia thành 2 đợt chơi. Mỗi đợt cần từ 3-4 teams tham gia. Mỗi đợt kéo dài 35 phút. 

  • Các team xếp thành hàng dọc. Cách đó 2 mét là một chiếc bảng lớn. Trên bảng sẽ được dán những tấm thẻ có ghi chữ cái. (Thứ tự lộn xộn). Trên đường đi sẽ có những ly nước chắn đường. 

  • Cách chơi: Trong mỗi cặp, một người sẽ cõng người còn lại. Người được cõng sẽ bị bịt tai, người cõng sẽ bị bịt mắt. Ban tổ chức sẽ cho người được cõng xem một từ khóa bất kì. Người được cõng sẽ hướng dẫn sao cho người cõng đưa mình tới được chỗ chiếc bảng mà không đụng trúng và làm đổ các ly nước. Nếu làm đổ ly nước thì sẽ phải quay về và bị mất lượt, không được tiếp tục chơi lượt tiếp theo nữa. Khi cặp đã đến được cái bảng, người được cõng phải chỉ cho người cõng thành công lấy được những tấm thẻ chữ cái để tạo nên từ khóa mà ban tổ chức đã cho và xếp lên bảng theo đúng thứ tự của từ đã cho. Nếu xếp xong thì nhanh chóng trở về để cặp tiếp theo chơi. Sau khi thời gian kết thúc, team nào xếp được nhiều chữ nhất sẽ thắng cuộc. 

3. Treasure hunt

Dụng cụ:  bộ 26 chữ cái có nam châm dính bảng (3 bộ- 60k) (dùng bộ có sẵn từ trò 2)

  • Số người chơi: everyone. Các team cùng chơi trong một đợt. Trò chơi kéo dài 40p. 

  • Cách chơi: Các tấm thẻ chữ cái sẽ được giấu ở nhiều nơi khác nhau. Các team sẽ phải đi tìm các tấm thẻ sao cho ghép lại thành từ khóa bà BTC đưa ra. Team nào tìm ra được từ khóa sẽ là team thắng cuộc. Sau 40 phút, team nào không tìm được sẽ phải chịu phạt.