Application for: 4977

1st Department: Content & Logistics (CL)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationMotorbike
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms, Website
HobbiesOrganizing events
Building relationships/ Making friends
Hanging out with friends
Listening to music



a. Design & Edit I could design some simple things in Capcut. I can also use Canva to present and design basic things.
b. Photography N/A
c. Microsoft Office I am acquainted with Microsoft office ranging from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, I can also use google docs, google sheets, and google calendar,...
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities N/A
f. Soft skillsI am quite good at time management and teamwork since I could balance my studies with my activities over 4 years.
I am an active listener with good observation skills.
Moreover, I have experience in organizing events.
g. Other skillsN/A


a. How do you describe yourself?I am friendly, optimistic, open-minded, and full of energy since I believe that "You live only once" and we need to try my best to have a memorable youth
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?Strengths:
1. Honesty
2. Sociable
3. Have some experience in organizing events
4. Good skills in problem-solving
5. Meticulous in making decisions
6. Flexible role
1. Lack of confidence in the field that I have not known before
2. Perfectionist procrastination
3. Physical weakness
4. Communication in English is not too good.
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?1. Joining in Tre Xanh club (21 years old) - the biggest and oldest club in Gia Dinh High school. The club is an event club where we need to organize weekly events ranging from soft skills to hard skills for high school students at Gia Dinh school (2019-now). My role: Vice president, and treasurer. I learnt a lot of experience from the older generation and expand my relationships not only at Gia Dinh high school students and alumni but also students from other schools.
a) Organizing fundraisers for the disadvantaged
b) Soft skills: teamwork, team building, communication,...
c) Hard skills: cryptogram, knot skills,...
2. Member of the 15th Red flamboyant volunteer campaign 2020. I learned how to connect with other people and how to communicate with them.
3. Member of welcome grade 10 event at schools in 2020.
4. Member of IELTS Vietnam - "IELTS kỷ luật - Tiến bước cùng bạn" project in 2021.
5. Core member of Orientation week for the Global Pathways program in 2022. I was in the logistics team and program team at the same time to build the program. Through the event, I could make friends and adapt to the university environment
6. Core member of LUMINOUS Newbie's Night 2022. I was in the logistics team and partly in the program team. Through the event, I could sharpen my skills and know more about how to build a concert.


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB Event Team is a pioneer in organizing numerous events where students, alumni in UEH, and ISB could join in and reduce stress from studying. I love the way that ET builds programs since it is creative. Moreover, ET is a perfect environment where students could play and sharpen many skills ranging from soft to hard skills. ET has 4 departments as Content & Logistics, ER, PR, and HR.
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?1. I want to contribute to the development of ET since I believe it could convey many meaningful events as well as messages
2. First and foremost, I want to sharpen my skills to become a better version of myself. Since I believe this place has a lot of things that I could learn from.
3. Building relationships, making friends
4. Having more interesting experiences.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?List general steps that are necessary to hold an event:
1. Brainstorm the "raw" ideas, concepts/ key moments of the event.
2. Estimate the budget (and submit the plan to the school if necessary with the estimated budget if the event needs to be sponsored by the school)
3. Complete the main things that happen in events (could be agenda for the event)
4. Do the timetable or action plan for specific departments (including task, deadline, PIC,..) --> Each department will be in charge of specific tasks with particular purposes and need to be met once a week to follow up and keep track of the process (Ex: ER could be in charge of sponsorship, logistics could be in charge of merchandises and the content of the event) --> we could try some tests for the games or specific tasks to minimize the risks.
5. Making a specific timeline for the event as well as tasks for each person in the team on that day
6. Prepare everything for the events
7. Prepare for rehearsal and resolve the mistakes.
8. Operating the event based on the previous duty rosters

For me, all steps not only play different important roles but are also necessary to operate and organize the event. However, I believe that the most important one is to estimate the budget and know exactly the budget that we have. Looking from an accounting student's perspective, I believe that every decision and every creativity must be based on the current budget. If we want to have a big event, first of all, we need to think about the source of money that we can gain such as school, sponsors, and participants,... Creativity is good but we need to think about how to make it come true, too.
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? Basically no because I want to dedicate all my heart to ET. (However, because of financial issues, I've got a part-time job as a teaching assistant at Apollo Company)
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?20


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Content & Logistics (CL)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. How do you define CL department?CL department is a core department where we can brainstorm ideas, and concepts and make them come true through the power of human beings.
2. In your opinion, what are the qualities and factors needed to be able to work in the CL department?I think it would be 4Cs:
1. Creative
2. Critical thinking
3. Collaboration
4. Communication
3. What role do you think CL department has in each event?1. Content writer
2. Event organizer
3. Logistics
4. Program
5. Decoration team
6. Food/cuisine team


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions


Do you have any experience with content writing?No
In your opinion, what kind of content is impressive to readers?The content that could be impressive to readers is the content that knows the purpose and the target readers. Moreover, impressive content must catch up with trends and have a specific meaning.
To attract the most readers, write a short paragraph introducing the meaning of the ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment: GALVANIZER.ISB Event Team Gen 8 Recruitment: GALVANIZER -


Assume you are planning and organizing the activities for an event called "GALVANIZER” with a mystical and supernatural theme. Based on the factors listed above, complete the task below.C. GAMES FOR TEAMBUILDING


It is your task to generate ideas for Teambuilding games held outdoors. The activities include THREE games, 7 teams of 14 participants each, and a two-hour activity. These activities have a budget of 500,000VND.

  1. "I know who you are" - a warm-up game for participants to get on each other.

  • Stage 1: Everyone sits in a  7 big circle and each of them needs to introduce their name and one prominent characteristic. The next person will repeat the introduction from all the previous people and then introduce themselves

    • Ex: 1st person: Hello everyone, my name is Tuan/ Tuna and I am gonna die this semester.  

    • 2nd person: "Hello everyone, my name is Tuan/ Tuna and I am gonna die this semester." My name is Lin and I hate loving.

    • 3rd person will repeat the sentence of 1st and second person and then introduce himself

  • Penalty: people who cannot remember will stand in the middle of the circle and use his/her butt to write another name in the circle that he/she could remember

  • Time limits: 10 minutes

  • Stage 2: 7 teams would sit down and make a long line. Their mission is to carry the balloons with water in it and pass it to the next person until the end of the line and the last person needs to put the balloons into the bracket. you can only use your legs to pass and touch the ball. The team has the greatest number of balloons could win. 

  • Penalty: using things that are not legs = stop moving for 10s for the whole team.

  • Time limits: 16 minutes

     2. "Trust" 

  • Stage 1: You in the team take turns pairing with each other and blindfolded. They need to tie the two middle legs together to form three legs, then step into the "minefield" under the guidance of teammates. On the way, there will be "X" mines, which are the punishment of "thụt xì dầu" for all members of the teams (14 people).

  • Stage 2: 7 teams will be at 7 starting positions opposite each other, with some water bottles around the playground. The team begins to move to the position of placing the water bottle in the position of the person behind and must put their feet on the thighs of the person in front of them. Before the game start, the last 7 people in the row, all teams receive the same keyword. At the same time, the person at the end starts drawing that keyword with his pencil. The team that reaches the finish line gets 3 water bottles first (and could keep it) + the first person in the line who could provide correct answers to the given keyword based on the picture will win.

  • Penalty:

    • Stage 1 The team has longest the time of period to complete the game and needs to be punished: start late than other teams by 7 seconds

    • Stage 2: Only the first person in the line could guess the words and the last person in the line could draw. Any spoil from other members would be punished. Another member gives hint to the first person = stop the line for 10s, another member draws the picture = stop the line for 10s. Speak out the answer without permission = lose the game.

  • Time limits: 14 minutes for stage 1, 30 minutes for stage 2

      3. "Space war"

  • Rule: 7 teams will make a line and each person in the line would hold a balloon, which represents a powerful planet. the person behind must hold the person in front of them and cannot be separated. Each team would try its best to destroy other balloons from other teams. Each destroyed balloon means that the team loses its planet and power. Especially, the balloon that the last people hold represents the balance of the universe, which means if it is destroyed, the team will lose. The team has balloons while others none could win. 

    • For example 1, a blue balloon in the middle would represent gravity. After destroying this balloon, all members of that team must hop to move instead of moving like normal.

  • Penalty: break the line = stop moving for 5s, cheating = stop the game

  • Time limits: 30 minutes

Hạng mục
Đơn vị
Số lượng
Đơn giá (VNĐ)
Tổng (VNĐ)
Ghi chú

Bong bóng nước
8 000
200 000
37 cây/bịch


Bong bóng thường
34 000
102 000
50 cái/bịch

chai nước
6 000
120 000

Giấy A4
7 000

bút chì
35 000
70 000
10 cây/bộ

499 000