Application for: 4894

1st Department: Public Relations (PR)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationMotorbike
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms
HobbiesTaking photographs, sleeping, watching movies, hanging out with friends.



a. Design & Edit Retouching photos (Adobe Lightroom), editting videos (Adobe Premiere, CapCut), design poster using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (amateur)
b. Photography Shooting and Filming
c. Microsoft Office Word, Exel, PowerPoint
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities MC
f. Soft skillsTeamwork, Leadership, Public-speaking, Organizing tasks
g. Other skillsI can crotchet but not so good at it and I can sleep 15 hours a day.


a. How do you describe yourself?I am a hard-working and ambivert girl. I love coffee, taking photographs, sleeping, hanging out with friends and learning new things. I have some experiences in organizing events and working on social networking site. I usually struggle in making new friends but I am trying to improve it.
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?Strengths:
- Eager to learn
- Hard-working, responsible and well-organized -> rarely miss the deadlines
- Creativity, flexibility and grasp the current trend quickly
- Honesty
- Be nice and willing to help teammates

- Difficult to make decisions due to hesitation
- Shy to make new friends
- Afraid to say "No"
- Building relationships
- Easily forgetting small things
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?I participated in numerous extra-curricular activities in the past as a:
- Vice President and Head of Image Departure of NCT Media Club -> I learned how to lead, communicate and complete a task before deadline with my team, how to connect my teammates, how to organize my work logically, how to take photographs, filming and choose quality pictures/video to post on Facebook.
- Admin of "CLB Truyền Thông Nguyễn Công Trứ" page -> I knew about the "golden time" to post on Facebook, how to make my post approach as much viewers as possible.
- Member of "Mua Xuan Nho Nho" charity organization -> I learned how to spread our love message and encourage people to help the community.
- Organizer and MC of "Wikimedia" workshop -> I learned how to write a script, how to plan for the event.
- Organizer and Judge of "Friendship Never Dies" photography contest -> I learned how to build a contest and do media to make the contest well-known and make people participated in.
- Media Collaborator of ISB Teambuilding 2022 -> I learned how to design a poster using Adobe Illustrator.


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB Event Team is a media organization that created many interesting events and extracurricular activities for students at ISB.
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?I apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team to explore more about myself, expand my relationships, gain more experience and knowledge in organizing events to contribute and create useful projects for ISB Event Team.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?- Planning, creating ideas and concept
- Setting the budget
- Setting the timeline
- Picking the revenue
- Building teams and dividing tasks
- Calling for sponsors
- Doing logistics
- Rehearsal
- Event day

I think the most important step is planning, creating ideas and concept because it is the initial stage in shaping, unifying the concept of the event and providing direction of actions to work effectively and it serves as the foundation for developing the steps that follow the original concept. However, the other steps are still very important because they are interconnected and linked to the event's success.
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? No
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?28


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Public Relations (PR)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. In your own words, how can visuals influence the promotion of an event?In my opinion, eye-catching visuals can impress and attract viewers and raise their interest in searching more about the event, especially the visuals that contain the main content of the event briefly because social media users often skim through articles at a fast speed, so the one with impressive visuals will attract viewers, from which they will stop to read the content of the post, get to know more about the event and register to participate in the event.
2. Give a general comment about ISB Event Team’s publications in both online and printed materials. Which publications impressed you the most? Briefly explain.Most of ET's publications are creative, diversified, eye-catching, attractive with harmonious colors and brief content.

I was impressed by the ISB Teambuilding 2022 register poster because the color palette is impressive, the content is brief but fully described, the tittle is attractive and the objects like the waterfall, explorer and the town are beautiful and related to the main content.
3. Name 03 trending keywords on social media, such as Facebook and Tik Tok.độc lạ Bình Dương, sở hở cái là...., ra dẻ


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

Which skills are you confident in?B. PHOTOGRAPHER & EDITOR

B. Photographer & Editor:

1. Do you have any kinds of digital/film cameras? Yes
What kind of camera do you use?Canon 80D
2. Please attach a link to show us your 03 MOST favorite photos that you have taken.
3. Please freely retouch this raw photo in HERE as your preference and attach a link to show us your final result.
4. Have you ever tried yourself in video editing?Yes
Please attach a link to show us your BEST production.
5. If you have a chance to make a trailer video for a Special Event with the concept “MULTIVERSE”, what will you do?