Application for: 4916

1st Department: Public Relations (PR)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationBus
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms
HobbiesTake & edit photos, listen to music, writing, reading



a. Design & Edit Em có thể thiết kế cơ bản trên Canva, và chỉnh hình cơ bản trên PTS, LR và các app khác trên điện thoại, em cũng đang tự học thêm về PTS
b. Photography Em có thể chụp hình cơ bản
c. Microsoft Office Em sử dụng được Word và đang tự học thêm Excel và Power Point
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities Diễn kịch
f. Soft skillsKhả năng thích ứng nhanh, khả năng giải quyết vấn đề, sáng tạo, lắng nghe tốt
g. Other skillsN/A


a. How do you describe yourself?I'm more an introvert, that's why i'm a good listener as well as have a good sense. I'm also ambitious so I always want to complete task and do everything perfectly. I like to learn and try new things no matter how hard they are. I have high adaptability. One quote I really like is: "I'm not the best, but I will do my best".
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?I'm good at listening and realizing other's situation, feeling, I'm more like a supporter than a leader and I love it too. My weaknesses are not enough confident and easily affected by others, these are what I want to improve when I'm at the university.
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?Just activites for my club and class when I'm at high school


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB Event Team established in 2016 to organize almost activities for students at ISB-UEH, some activities are ISB Go, ISB Team Building, ISB Welcome's Night, ISB Games.
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?I was impressed by the vibe and inspiration of ISB Event Team when I was at my high school, just throughout the products that you shared on your fanpage (your pictures, events, activities,...). And when I became a student at WSU, I joined ISB Go and sent friend requests to some of member of ET, I was strongly surprised how all of you are so talented and energetic, and I'm really into the way each member supports each others on social media as well as in every real life activity. I feel like to be motivated by that energy too and I think that's call second family, a family made from strange people to friends, relatives. That's why I want to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team, and I hope I will pass all 3 rounds.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?Step 1: Have a vision for what you want to achieve after the event
Step 2: Make a plan clearly
Step 3: Set the budget
Step 4: Book providers
Step 5: Choose location, set time suitably
I think Step 1 and 2 are both most important because we have to make clear the point we want get and write a plan carefully, obviously to consider capacity and complete next steps
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? I'm an old member of HỌA - a photography and art club at my high school
I'm also a collaborative translator at Tomo - an organization of
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?20


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Public Relations (PR)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. In your own words, how can visuals influence the promotion of an event?Visuals can influence the promotion of an event faster than words because the audiences will interested in pictures like a colorful poster more than a document full of words. And a good visual can attracted people throughout the content and vibe in that picture.
2. Give a general comment about ISB Event Team’s publications in both online and printed materials. Which publications impressed you the most? Briefly explain.I think I like the one online more because I almost be impressed throughout publications on Facebook (posters, pictures of events)
3. Name 03 trending keywords on social media, such as Facebook and Tik Tok.xuhuongtiktok, reviewlamdep, capcut


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

Which skills are you confident in?B. PHOTOGRAPHER & EDITOR

B. Photographer & Editor:

1. Do you have any kinds of digital/film cameras? Yes
What kind of camera do you use?Canon 77D
2. Please attach a link to show us your 03 MOST favorite photos that you have taken.
3. Please freely retouch this raw photo in HERE as your preference and attach a link to show us your final result.
4. Have you ever tried yourself in video editing?No
5. If you have a chance to make a trailer video for a Special Event with the concept “MULTIVERSE”, what will you do?