Application for: 5002

1st Department: Public Relations (PR)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationMotorbike
How did you know this Recruitment?Email Platform
Hobbiesmy hobbies mainly are Photography, Painting, Designing, and Museum Visiting



a. Design & Edit Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom
b. Photography Shooting, Filming, Directing, Retouching, Basic Audio Editing
c. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities MC, Singing, Script Writing
f. Soft skillsI have leadership, internal communicating, creativity, meticulousness, problem solving skills, flexibility and adaptability
g. Other skillsI can cook 🙂


a. How do you describe yourself?I am friendly, respectful, open-minded, 60% introverted, but also characteristic and want to make sure everyone will not forget me first time we meet
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?My strengths as stated are boldness and independence, so as well my weaknesses are sometimes I would be a bit aggressive and lose my temper, I am highly working on that recently and have proved positive result
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?I was the core member of Tran Dai Nghia Press and Media club from 2019 to 2021, Media department, we took place in Thu Thach Kim Cuong contest 2020 and won 3rd prize
I was also the Leader of Media team of The Tran Dai Nghia Project 2021


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB Event Team is one of the strongest teams in PR and Event Production of UEH, a very talented and dynamic combination of extremely passionate people
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?Due to the reasons stated above, I would like to be part of that dynamic whole, to learn from the better, to express myself and enjoy my university life to the most


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?1. Ideas and conceptualization
2. Planning to pratical actions and backup situations
3. Preparation of materials needed
4. PR and official announcement
5. Hosting
6. Cleaning up, gaining feedbacks and participants' insight

I think step 2 is the most important because having a good plan can help everything work smoothly
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? No, but I have part time job mostly at night time
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?14


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Public Relations (PR)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. In your own words, how can visuals influence the promotion of an event?Visual firstly can define the entire event. Concepts of color, shapes or images can give us different impression or feeling about something, and that's what participants care about. In promotion, we firstly want to introduce ourselves to people, then attract them to join with us. Therefore, visual holds great impacts in buidling first interactions with guests.
2. Give a general comment about ISB Event Team’s publications in both online and printed materials. Which publications impressed you the most? Briefly explain.ISB Event Team's publications in my opinion is impressive, through your public image I can feel the energy and the passion you want to deliver. And I am impressed by your online materials the most. In offline materials, we have limitations in creating interaction to customers, however, I can see you have made the best use of you online website and media platforms, with plenty of functions for reactions, but still tidy, creative and informative.
3. Name 03 trending keywords on social media, such as Facebook and Tik Tok.Facebook: bé trai 10 tuổi, độc lạ Bình Dương, CL
Tiktok: Xin lỗi con yêu của bố/mẹ, POV, girls like me don't cry


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

Which skills are you confident in?A. GRAPHIC DESIGNER B. PHOTOGRAPHER & EDITOR

A. Designer:

1. In your opinion, what factors contribute to a Graphic Design Publication? Among them, which one is the most important? Briefly explain.In my opinion, factors contribute to a Graphic Design Publication are: content, key visual, targeted market and basic rules of designing. Among them, key visual is the most important factor, as it represents for the soul of the product, be part of a whole and keep audience's attention.
2. What do you think about this artwork?This artwork in fact follows geometrical layout, one of basic design layout rules, and concept of colors is harmonious. However, mistakes in arrangement are clearly seen as main objects (two new models of bottle) are being blended in sub objects, make them hard to notice. Also, informative objects (texts) are not following reading flow, which creates difficulties in reading and catching content. In general, this artwork is quite attentive but not attractive.

(“New Paninos -1” Campaign, Ragazzo, April 2017)

3. Have you ever created any Graphic Design Publications? Yes
Please attach a link to show us your 02-03 MOST favorable artworks. Briefly describe your creative process and explain your idea in the artwork.

About this series of artwork, the main purpose was to express nonsensical criteria, as well as the main theme was " retro surrealism". Therefore, I wanted to use emphasized elements of each beauty criteria in a metaphorical way, in order to show how surreal those beauty standards are. Those 4 pictures firstly to make a hook, a specific impression to audience that the standards are out of the world, then the last two pictures to negate them, and main element in the last picture in order to encourage participants embracing their own beauty and confidence, as they can be their own king/queen themselves.

B. Photographer & Editor:

1. Do you have any kinds of digital/film cameras? Yes
What kind of camera do you use?Canon 750D + Kit lens EF18-55mm F3.5-5.6 and fixed lens EF50mm F1.8
2. Please attach a link to show us your 03 MOST favorite photos that you have taken.
3. Please freely retouch this raw photo in HERE as your preference and attach a link to show us your final result.
4. Have you ever tried yourself in video editing?No
5. If you have a chance to make a trailer video for a Special Event with the concept “MULTIVERSE”, what will you do?