Application for: 5151

1st Department: Public Relations (PR)

2nd Department: None


Year in University 1st year
Means of TransportationNone
How did you know this Recruitment?Social Media Platforms, Friends/Word of Mouth, Email Platform
Hobbies- Listening to music
- Watching youtube videos about cats, designs, anime
- Playing badminton
- Playing board games
- Collecting such as books, figures etc



a. Design & Edit Illustrator, Photoshop
b. Photography N/A
c. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint
d. Technical skills N/A
e. Special abilities N/A
f. Soft skillsAdaptability as I can deal with changes at environment, friends or tasks
g. Other skillsFinding information quickly as I usually search for the information that suits my intention in a short time, and I frequently practice this skill whenever I have a lesson with Mr Gareth


a. How do you describe yourself?I would like to describe myself as energetic, flexible, creative and responsible
b. What are your strengths and weaknesses?In terms of strengths, I have an active imagination since I had the opportunity to have experiences related to creative work from a very young age, such as designing banners or writing fanfics. Those activities contribute to the development of my creativity. Moreover, I am responsible and punctual in dealing with tasks, and can bear pressure which is a magic tool that helps me survive in the first three months at university. Last but not least, I am curious and willing to learn new things in order to develop myself, which I also consider one of my strengths.

From my point of view, mistakes inevitably occur in everyone’s aspects of life. Time management, which is the process of planning and controlling the amount of time to spend on specific activities, is one of my weaknesses and causes serious consequences when unable to master it when studying at university, especially at ISB, the study load is significantly large, so it is demanded that everyone must allocate time reasonably in order not to be rushed and stressed near the end of the deadlines. Another weakness is that I am preoccupied with small details on tasks, which not only wastes time but also slowly destroys my mental health. It is indisputable to admit the importance of inspecting small pictures, for example, in analysing a case study. However, there are some circumstances in that I find myself stuck and unable to move forward to begin more projects or do another task when still concerned with the previous one.
c. Which Extra-curricular activities did you join in the past?When I was in 10th grade in 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in a book-related project under the role of a member of the media team. Every week, my team had to choose one book to read, write a review and publicise it on the club page. In addition, we also create a plan for creating a place where students in my school can come, relax and read books after studying. However, because the project was active at the beginning of the pandemic and we had to stay at home for many months, so the project had cancelled and we didn't have a chance to hold an event. However, that experience was also a stepping stone for me as I can know more about the process as well as tasks in a media team.


a. What do you know about ISB Event Team?ISB event team is a club under the ISB institute, the club is responsible for organizing entertainment activities as well as welcoming new students such as ISB welcome night. In addition, the club also organizes training sessions for staff and team building
b. Why did you decide to apply to become a collaborator of ISB Event Team?Firstly, I was impressed by the dedication that the members of the club had contributed when conducting an event, for example, ISB Welcome Night, which encouraged me to become a part of the club to learn new things and find those who have the same goals as me. In addition, I want to challenge myself and find opportunities to develop myself when entering a new environment, so I realize that the ISB event team will be a suitable environment for me.


a. List all the steps that you think are necessary to hold an event. Which is the most important? Why?- Finding suitable ideas for the event and then telling to the team members
- Send content to superiors and express your desire to organize an event
- Seek for sponsorships in order to raise funds
- Distribute tasks reasonably to each deparments of the club
- Prepare tickets, lights, decorations, banners
And for me, the second step is the most important because if the adminstrators do not consent to the event, it will be cancelled
b. Are you currently joining any clubs or organizations? Not yet
c. If you join ISB Event Team as an official collaborator, how many hours a week would you devote to the work?14


Please choose your FIRST DEPARTMENT ASPIRATION:Public Relations (PR)



Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

1. In your own words, how can visuals influence the promotion of an event?Visual can significantly affect person's decision of participating or not. For instance, when we drive on the road, we usually see various food-related banners that catch your attentions immediately through imagines, templates, colours. Moreover, the impressive designs also show the viewers the professionalism of a team when focusing on details of a event.
2. Give a general comment about ISB Event Team’s publications in both online and printed materials. Which publications impressed you the most? Briefly explain.I was impressed by the digital materials since the colours and the pictures in the materials that catch my attention immediately when I scrolled through them, and they also provoked my curiosity in order to seek more information related to those activities
3. Name 03 trending keywords on social media, such as Facebook and Tik Tok.- Ét Ô ét
- Chết tiệt cái thằng chết tiệt này mày đang làm cái quái gì vậy hả
- Made you look


Please give your short answer to each of the following questions

Which skills are you confident in?A. GRAPHIC DESIGNER

A. Designer:

1. In your opinion, what factors contribute to a Graphic Design Publication? Among them, which one is the most important? Briefly explain.- The message of the design
- The use of images, fonts, colors
- Layout
- Audience
I think the message of the design is the most important as the main purpose when desgning a product is that we want to inform the viewers about the activities that we going to do and provide them brief information about the events
2. What do you think about this artwork?It tells me that the festival will relate to cocktails, dancing and drinking. Although the artwork is quite harmonious overall, the layout is focused on the middle and the number and letters below are a bit disjointed, in general, it is quite simple and not eye-catching enough to attract me, as a viewer, to seek more information about the festival.

(“New Paninos -1” Campaign, Ragazzo, April 2017)

3. Have you ever created any Graphic Design Publications? No